Current Project: Getting Englewood a Fair Deal on the Expansion of the Norfolk Southern Rail Yard.

SEI is currently engaged in the proposed Englewood Expansion Project. To learn more, please download this PDF fact sheet or read below:

The Problem: The Norfolk Southern 47th St. Rail Yard Expansion Will Add to Diesel Pollution in Englewood

The 47th Street Rail Yard doesn’t just handle rail; it is an intermodal “terminal” where freight is transferred from rail to trucks and vice versa. Currently, the rail yard ends at Garfield Boulevard; Norfolk Southern is proposing to extend the yard to 61st Street. This will increase the size of the yard by 57% and cause a significant increase in truck traffic
in and out of the yard.

As part of the expansion, Norfolk Southern has sought to purchase 104 parcels of land owned by the City of Chicago as well as approximately 100 privately owned lots.

This expansion would increase the amount of diesel soot going into Englewood’s air, worsening an already serious problem with air quality and asthma in the Englewood community.

The Solution

Sustainable Englewood Initiatives is asking the City of Chicago to demand that Norfolk Southern commit to undertaking a list of reasonable actions before the City completes the sale of public land to Norfolk Southern:

1. Quality of Life and Public Health — Test, monitor and mitigate diesel pollution and lead contamination; repair damage from increased truck traffic to roads, sidewalks and homes; and create a plan to reduce noise pollution.

2. High-Quality Green Space — New and/or replacement recreational space could include walking and bike trails, baseball diamonds,
and/or urban farms.

3. Buffer Zones — Distancing the worst noise and air pollution areas from homes and businesses to protect community health and county goals for local economic development.

Want to know more about Diesel Pollution? Download this fact sheet.